Marketing Definitions

Marketing Definitions

Marketing mix:

Marketing mix usually refers to McCarthy's '4 P's': Promotion, Place, Price and Product. Other words beginning with P (eg People and Process) are sometimes also included. Helps to explain the scope of marketing although very much an over-simplification.

Competitive Advantage / Competitive Edge.

The point of difference that gives your product a real advantage over its competitors. One of the key tasks in marketing. This might be a superior product in some way, or a greater range of product options, or the deliery time, or the back-up service, or any number of other attributes.


A group of people or organisations that share a need for your product. Not always as simple to define for your product as you might think. It is not uncommon for small business owners to be too 'ambitious' or 'non-specific' with the definition of their own market. This leads to a lack of focus and a great deal of the current marketing budget/effort being wasted.

Market segmentation:

The process of dividing the market into smaller (more specific) groups / sectors / segments that share one or more characteristics. The tendency is for inexperienced managers to segment the market by product type (ie Widget A, Widget B, Widget C). This can be a mistake as the most appropriate segmentation is by customer group. By segmenting the market in this way it becomes much more obvious where your business-building activities need to be focused.

Market share:

The percentage of the total market (or market sector) that is using your product.


The central goal(s) of an organisation. This is then broken down further into 'Objectives', 'Strategies', and 'Tactics'.

Marketing Definitions


The way in which a product or service is distributed, or where it is located.


How your product fits into the market, and how you want it to be perceived in relation to its competition. Not always as simple to define as you might think.


Your product and/or service. Not always as simple to define as you might think. If you manufacture a Widget, is the 'product' the widget itself or the excellent customer service you have developed to support it?

USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

What makes your product different from those of your competitors. What can you say about your product that cannot be said by your competitors?You should always strive to generate a point of difference between you and your competitors (and not necessarily price).

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Thanks for the website Ian.
As you stated, I have had a steady stream of enquiries since setting me up on the internet.
Morning Ian, just a short note to say 'thankyou' for the work on my website. Not only am I pleased with the way it looks, but I could not believe it when I got my first enquiry from it only a few days after its completion. All you said would happen has indeed happened.
Thank you very much for your kind help. It is really a good advice for my marketing plan.

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Hi Ian Just a short note to tell you we have had a very good season, an excellent sales increase so we should be ok now the autumn is here and going very soon into Winter.. . . . . . . . .
Thanks Ian. The website has certainly increased our Bookings and we look forward to next year.
Best Wishes
I am not really interested in getting back in to PPC as it cost a lot of money last time for not a lot of return. We have been without it for over a year and what you are doing is still increasing visits and turnover on the site.
Sports Outlets
Just a quick note to say I’m very interested in maintaining the website you have completed a marvellous job of so far. We are already noticing a complete change and receiving a lot higher internet inquires.
Thanks Ian
Hello Ian, came across your website via a Google search and wanted to say how impressed I am! The marketing plan template arrived within seconds of my request - it is clear, tremendously helpful and has provided me with the structure I desperately lacked as I prepare to kick off my new business on 1st September! A really super service, am sure I will be in touch again over the coming weeks to discuss other elements of your offer.

Thanks and regards

....... I have also noticed the success of extra clicks! Business is also up by at least 15 percent from last year. Regards
Owner (Dry Cleaners)

I would just like to bring a ray of sunshine to your day (well it did for me).
Since we started to work with Ian Smith, our Adwords guru, our results have improved impressively. These figures are the average across the board, ..
Our Click through rate has gone from 1% to a very credible 4.5%
Our average cost per click has dropped from 87p to 63p (just remember some clicks are still £2+).
Our average position has gone from 5.4 to 4.6
So all in all a very good result and with further input we hope to do even better.
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